About the GCC

Launched in 2014, The Good Care Collaborative (GCC) represents a diverse set of stakeholders in the health care system, including large hospital systems, patients and advocates, primary care and behavioral health providers, and faith-based communities. By working together, the GCC believes that New Jersey’s Medicaid system can become the national model for delivering better care at lower costs to everyone, every day.

The GCC is committed to actively engaging diverse perspectives from across the healthcare spectrum in a dialogue about how to improve quality and decrease costs of services for vulnerable Medicaid patients.  In that effort, we are soliciting organizations to sign on as members of the GCC to increase its reach and impact around the state. We encourage our current members to attend our site visits, increase awareness of this coalition through listservs and social media, and to recommend and/or encourage other stakeholders to join in our effort to repair a costly, broken and unhealthy system.